Sign up for Miss India International- by Titos- Finals in Goa on 25th Jan 2018 - All finalists win a Suzuki scooter and the Winner takes home a Car!! Plus top 3 get Diamond encrusted Tiaras as well as loads of Cosmetics and Designer Fashion gifts from top International Brands .

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Miss. INDIA International 2018 CONTESTANTS

  • Mariia SvistunovaMariia Svistunova
    First Name : MariiaLast Name : SvistunovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Nevila FernandesNevila Fernandes
    First Name : NevilaLast Name : FernandesAge : 2017Country : India
  • Irra Da SilvaIrra Da Silva
    First Name : IrraLast Name : Da SilvaAge : 2017Country : India
  • Sparsh MartiresSparsh Martires
    First Name : SparshLast Name : MartiresAge : 2017Country : India
  • Hanna TsokurovaHanna Tsokurova
    First Name : HannaLast Name : TsokurovaAge : 25Country : Ukraine
  • Andrianova TaniaAndrianova Tania
    First Name : AndrianovaLast Name : TaniaAge : 2017Country : Ukraine
  • Victoria StepanovaVictoria Stepanova
    First Name : VictoriaLast Name : StepanovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Lourdes PintoLourdes Pinto
    First Name : LourdesLast Name : PintoAge : 2017Country : India
  • Mamta VinjudaPMamta VinjudaP
    First Name : MamtaLast Name : VinjudaPAge : 20Country : India
  • Luanna FernandesLuanna Fernandes
    First Name : LuannaLast Name : FernandesAge : 2017Country : India
  • Nataliia LazurenkoNataliia Lazurenko
    First Name : NataliiaLast Name : LazurenkoAge : 2017Country : Ukraine
  • Alla NifantovaAlla Nifantova
    First Name : AllaLast Name : NifantovaAge : 2017Country : Ukraine
  • Ekaterina PankovaEkaterina Pankova
    First Name : EkaterinaLast Name : PankovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Valentina ShipitsynaValentina Shipitsyna
    First Name : ValentinaLast Name : ShipitsynaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Varvara FilippovaVarvara Filippova
    First Name : VarvaraLast Name : FilippovaAge : 2017Country : Kazakhstan
  • Aishwarya DeonaniAishwarya Deonani
    First Name : AishwaryaLast Name : DeonaniAge : 2017Country : India
  • Yanina NikonovaYanina Nikonova
    First Name : YaninaLast Name : NikonovaAge : 22Country : Russia
  • Mariia KorolevaMariia Koroleva
    First Name : MariiaLast Name : KorolevaAge : 25Country : Russia
  • Shivani BhardwajShivani Bhardwaj
    First Name : ShivaniLast Name : BhardwajAge : 2017Country : India
  • Laroslava DemianenkoLaroslava Demianenko
    First Name : LaroslavaLast Name : DemianenkoAge : 26Country : Ukraine
  • Alsu IsmagilovaAlsu Ismagilova
    First Name : AlsuLast Name : IsmagilovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Arhana FerozArhana Feroz
    First Name : ArhanaLast Name : FerozAge : 2017Country : India
  • Alisa KorolkovaAlisa Korolkova
    First Name : AlisaLast Name : KorolkovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Priyanka PathankarPriyanka Pathankar
    First Name : PriyankaLast Name : PathankarAge : 2017Country : India
  • Svetlana TsvetkovaSvetlana Tsvetkova
    First Name : SvetlanaLast Name : TsvetkovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Sonali KonadkarSonali Konadkar
    First Name : SonaliLast Name : KonadkarAge : 2017Country : India


Miss India International by Tito’s is all about Fashion, Branding and Styling. It provides a unique opportunity to showcase your talent and take up the opportunity of winning the crown. Fashion being a serious business -  Tito’s helps in Grooming and building up Self Confidence to help you proudly step up on the National or International ramp in the future.

The Crowned Miss Goa , last year received Shopping and Cash Vouchers worth 50 lakhs, a Car and Modelling agreements from various top fashion brands in Goa and Abroad, including becoming the next face of Tito’s fashion at Titos London www.titoslondon.co.uk

 The Journey started with the top 15 finalists from different parts of the Country and around the Globe with only the most Bold and Beautiful Girls chosen. Each day was  planned to the 't' and some of the rounds  included  a Cocktail dress round, a Swimwear round and an Evening gown round as well as a Talent round.

We had huge media coverage for our event and this  was also widely advertised on every social media platform which translated into our Fashion show being the most widely attended. 

Tito`s is  the most reputed and recognized entertainment brand in Goa. We are organizing our  yearly beauty pageant titled MISS INDIA - TITOS 2018'  so as to help build a platform for  young talented girls from all over the world could come together and showcase their abilities and make a mark in the entertainment world. We aim at grooming them to build their personality and provide them a platform for future success at national and international levels.


Tito’s has organized many fashion shows and other events The first edition was held at Tito’s Courtyard 2016 , a property presented by Tito’s Goa owned by young talented business gurus Ricardo Joseph D’Souza and David D’Souza. This year we will be hosting Miss Goa International by Tito’s 2017-18 and the eligibility will be based on international standards, there will be criteria’s to be met by the models to qualify for selection. The selection will be based on aspects like height, beauty, intellect, body language and intelligence. Over the course of 5 days it would include rounds of judging, grooming and training to be a professional model and represent Goa in future contests worldwide. The judges will be invited locally and internationally and will have the caliber to decide on eligibility and winning. After the  final selection there will be a winner who will be crowned Miss Goa International by Tito’s 2016-17 and two runner up places along with four subtitles to be won. The Crowned Miss Goa will get Shopping and Cash Vouchers , a car and Modelling agreements from different fashion brands, including becoming the next face of Tito’s fashion.

A few details about our lovely ladies of last year:

Meet some of our lovely past Models, Aliona Shavel from Belarus whose passion includes travelling, sports, kickboxing  and learning new and challenging things, Ashita Dias our very own Goan Model who aspires to channelize herself in the Fashion Industry and showcase herself in the most professional way possible, Migha Sharma a Delhiite who besides modelling is passionate about food, art, writing, movies etc.. ,Liana a confident, hardworking girl who believes she has what it takes to win the title, Tsareva whose dream to become a model doesn’t restrict her from doing the things she loves like travelling, dancing and singing to name a few, Alina who loves to learn and experience new cultures and finds participating with Miss Goa Tito’s a new and refreshing experience for her. Goloseev, talented and beautiful this girl is confident and not shy to show who she really is. Tatiana, a popular girl whose main hobby is modeling, her love for Goa and its culture and her dream to make it as a model led her to Tito’s. Eliza, a multi linguist, who also loves cooking, travelling and building her career as a model, Tanya an aspiring model whose confidence has driven her to participate in our beauty pageant and last but not the least Melisha, who loves glamour and fashion. These were just a few of our lovely, talented models.

The main event for this year  will take place on 19th December 2017 and  is being held in Titos Arena. 

The Main Event :

The journey of Miss India International Tito’s will begin  from 14th January 2018, where the girls get to choose and dress themselves in some lovely outfits from Tito’s London. They will then have  a Pizza Master class where our talented ladies will learn some essential pizza making and cooking skills but also got to taste their handiwork later. Day 2 will begin  with some makeup and hair tips from Snip Salon, experts who will  give our girls an entire hair and makeup make over. Day 3 will be the  most exciting as the girls will be given a lesson in the art of Flair and Cocktail making by Artem Klymenko one of Tito’s best and most talented bartenders. After the master class the girls will be  taught choreography by  one of the best Fashion show director / fashion choreographers who will prepare  the girls for their big walk on the runway. Our photographers will be  there every inch of the way capturing every moment of this beautiful event. The final event will be a spectacular show, amongst the crowds of people who have came to attend.  

The Prizes-  

  • The winner will win a Maruti Suzuki car along with an Altr diamond encrusted Gold Tiara with Italian crystal which she will cherish all her life. She will be the next face of Titos Goa and Titos worldwide. 
  • The runner up wins a Suzuki scooter along with a silver Altr diamond tiara encrusted with Italian crystals
  • The second runner up wins a Suzuki scooter along with a bronze Altr diamond tiara with encrusted Italian crystals. 
  • All Finalists win a scooter to take home. 

Miss. Goa International 2016 FINALIST

  • Luliia MarkelovaLuliia Markelova
    First Name : LuliiaLast Name : MarkelovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Diane FerraoDiane Ferrao
    First Name : DianeLast Name : FerraoAge : 2017Country : India
  • Julia KolesnikJulia Kolesnik
    First Name : JuliaLast Name : KolesnikAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Shaina HuddarShaina Huddar
    First Name : ShainaLast Name : HuddarAge : 2017Country : India
  • Nevila FernandesNevila Fernandes
    First Name : NeviliaLast Name : FernandesAge : 2017Country : India
  • Liana KhamidullinaLiana Khamidullina
    First Name : LianaLast Name : KhamidullinaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Ekaterina BibishevaEkaterina Bibisheva
    First Name : EkaterinaLast Name : BibishevaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Olga TsarevaOlga Tsareva
    First Name : OlgaLast Name : TsarevaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Benedicta NazarethBenedicta Nazareth
    First Name : BenedictaLast Name : NazarethAge : 2017Country : India
  • Tatiana LebedinetsTatiana Lebedinets
    First Name : TatianaLast Name : LebedinetsAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Anastasiia UfimtsevaAnastasiia Ufimtseva
    First Name : AnastasiiaLast Name : UfimtsevaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Leanne AlcasoasLeanne Alcasoas
    First Name : LeanneLast Name : AlcasoasAge : 2017Country : India
  • Sonali NaikSonali Naik
    First Name : SonaliLast Name : NaikAge : 2017Country : India
  • Mariia SvistunovaMariia Svistunova
    First Name : MariiaLast Name : SvistunovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Ashita DiasAshita Dias
    First Name : AshitaLast Name : DiasAge : 2017Country : India
  • Dikshita NaikDikshita Naik
    First Name : DikshitaLast Name : NaikAge : 2017Country : India
  • Sonali KonadkarSonali Konadkar
    First Name : SonaliLast Name : KonadkarAge : 2017Country : India
  • Neha KokareNeha Kokare
    First Name : NehaLast Name : KokareAge : 2017Country : India
  • Simonica LopesSimonica Lopes
    First Name : SimonicaLast Name : LopesAge : 2017Country : India
  • Kalpana KilargiKalpana Kilargi
    First Name : KalpanaLast Name : KilargiAge : 2017Country : India
  • Dary GalushevaDary Galusheva
    First Name : DaryLast Name : GalushevaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Varvara FilippovaVarvara Filippova
    First Name : VarvaraLast Name : FilippovaAge : 2017Country : Kazakhstan
  • Sharon RoseSharon Rose
    First Name : SharonLast Name : RoseAge : 2017Country : India
  • Shirin Tehrani VallaShirin Tehrani Valla
    First Name : ShirinLast Name : Tehrani VallaAge : 2017Country : Iran
  • Dorna PereiraDorna Pereira
    First Name : DornaLast Name : PereiraAge : 2017Country : India
  • Aliona ShavelAliona Shavel
    First Name : AlionaLast Name : ShavelAge : 2017Country : Belarus
  • Kruti SinghKruti Singh
    First Name : KrutiLast Name : SinghAge : 2017Country : India
  • Yindra HaalebosYindra Haalebos
    First Name : YindraLast Name : HaalebosAge : 2017Country : Netherlands
  • Rhea SinghRhea Singh
    First Name : RheaLast Name : SinghAge : 2017Country : India
  • Vanisha HalgekarVanisha Halgekar
    First Name : VanishaLast Name : HalgekarAge : 2017Country : India
  • Alina KardashAlina Kardash
    First Name : AlinaLast Name : KardashAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Migha SharmaMigha Sharma
    First Name : MighaLast Name : SharmaAge : 2017Country : India
  • Bhaktee GawasBhaktee Gawas
    First Name : BhakteeLast Name : GawasAge : 2017Country : India
  • Melisha BastionMelisha Bastion
    First Name : MelishaLast Name : BastionAge : 2017Country : India
  • Saniya ShaikhSaniya Shaikh
    First Name : SaniyaLast Name : ShaikhAge : 2017Country : India
  • Alisa DergachevaAlisa Dergacheva
    First Name : AlisaLast Name : DergachevaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Nitisha PanditNitisha Pandit
    First Name : NitishaLast Name : PanditAge : 2017Country : India
  • Monalisa SonaMonalisa Sona
    First Name : MonalisaLast Name : SonaAge : 2017Country : India
  • Anna IvanovaAnna Ivanova
    First Name : AnnaLast Name : IvanovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Tanya ChalkovaTanya Chalkova
    First Name : TanyaLast Name : ChalkovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Printika KumariPrintika Kumari
    First Name : PrintikaLast Name : KumariAge : 2017Country : India
    First Name : VIKTORIALast Name : LISINAAge : 2017Country : Estonia
  • Loyena MascarenhasLoyena Mascarenhas
    First Name : LoyenaLast Name : MascarenhasAge : 2017Country : India
  • Roma FernandesRoma Fernandes
    First Name : RomaLast Name : FernandesAge : 2017Country : India
  • Ganisha BhawsarGanisha Bhawsar
    First Name : GanishaLast Name : BhawsarAge : 2017Country : India
  • Apoorva NayakApoorva Nayak
    First Name : ApoorvaLast Name : NayakAge : 2017Country : India
  • Manjula VenkateshManjula Venkatesh
    First Name : ManjulaLast Name : VenkateshAge : 2017Country : India
  • Goloseev VictoriaGoloseev Victoria
    First Name : GoloseevLast Name : VictoriaAge : 2017Country : Republic of Moldova
  • Eliza FarkhutdinovaEliza Farkhutdinova
    First Name : ElizaLast Name : FarkhutdinovaAge : 2017Country : Russia
  • Lanina PetrukhinaLanina Petrukhina
    First Name : LaninaLast Name : PetrukhinaAge : 2017Country : Russia

Tito`s Monsoon Princess was held last season at Cafe Mambo Goa. Titos provided the youngsters a platform to prove their talent. Titos welcomed young girls from all over the world to take the opportunity of winning the crown. There were two runners up positions along with 4 subtitles to be won.  Fashion is a serious business & Titos helped in grooming girls & building their confidence level so they can proudly step on national or international ramp in future.

The contest saw girls from all across the globe. The final 15 contestants were; 1. Kezaia Caldeira (Goa), 2. Elinor Chhris (Pune), 3. Varsha Rajkhowa (mumbai), 4. Ritu Janoti  (Nainital), 5. Ganisha Bhawsar (Bhopal), 6. Diana Matthews Jackson (U.K), 7. Manisha Madgaonkar (Goa), 8.Sonali Naik (Goa), 9. Siddhi Shetye (Goa), 10. Rupali Sutar (Goa), 11.Aliona Shavel (Belarus), 12. Saniya Shaikh (Goa), 13. Yangzom Tsering  (shimla), 14 Suzanna Usova (Russia), 15 Veena singh (Bangalore)

The event was combined with a signature nightlife after-party featuring  Ajit Pai (Goa’s premier DJ) Carlos Gonsalves (ace percussionist of Goa and official artiste of IPL and FC GOA, Akshit Shetty, Brandan Blocc, Pritesh, Floh tek, Reonn and many more.

PERSPECTIVE – This year we will be hosting ‘Miss Titos Goa 16 - 17. The eligibility will be on international standards and there will be criteria’s to be met by the models to be qualified for selection. The selection will be based on aspects like height, beauty, intellect, body language & intelligence. 

The event will be a span of three days which would include rounds of judging, grooming and training to be a professional model and also to represent Goa in future contests worldwide.

The judges will be invited from the fashion fraternity and will have the caliber to decide on eligibility and winning.

There will be a winner who will be crowned ‘Miss Titos Goa 2016 – 17’ and two runners up places.


The winners of 2015 – Veena Singh (Bangalore), 1st Runner up - Kezaia Caldeira (Goa), 2nd Runner up - Aliona Shavel (Belarus).

The post parties will continue in both the nightclubs, ‘Club Titos’ & ‘Café Mambo’ on all three days till the wee hours of the morning. Titos will host some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and blend a good mix of fashion and nightlife.

All sections of the media will be participating and the event will be on print media and will be broadcasted on television media also.




23rd - 25th January '18